Pokémon Adventures TP #18


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Pokémon Adventures TP #18
Ruby and Sapphire

Viz Comics
Release: 04 Sep 2013
Cover: 01 Sep 2013

Plot: Ruby arrives in Verdanturf Town ready to participate in his first Hoenn region Pokemon Contest. It looks like his dream of becoming the Pokemon Contest Champion is finally back on track! But soon he gets sidetracked yet again when he is asked to rescue a Trainer from a Rusturf Tunnel collapse. Could Team Magma be behind this latest unnatural disaster…? Then, both Ruby and Sapphire begin a losing streak… Meanwhile, the Hoenn Gym Leaders can’t agree… Which group is evil? Team Magma or Team Aqua…or both?!

Main Characters:

Age: Modern
Cover Price: 9.99
Language: English

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