Pokemon Graphix Chapters Legendary Nightmare #1 NM


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Pokemon Graphix Chapters Legendary Nightmare #1 NM

Graphic Chapters
Release: 03 May 2023
Cover: 00 Jan 1900

Plot: The adventure and humor of the Pokémon animated TV series springs to life in this full-color comics collection! This book includes two full-color graphic stories jampacked with action and Pokémon battles. Join Ash, Pikachu, and their friends and Pokémon pals on a search for Infernape-and Moltres-and an encounter with Cresselia and Darkrai! With tons of art on every page from the animated show streaming on Netflix, this graphic adventure is the perfect format for Pokémon fans.

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Age: Modern
Cover Price: 8.99
Language: English

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