Trading Card – Pokémon TCG – Silver Tempest Booster


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  • Galarian Pokémon: Encounter Galarian forms of classic Pokémon alongside new species native to the Galar region, offering fresh strategies and exciting gameplay dynamics.
  • Weather Effects: Explore the theme of tempestuous weather with cards that harness the power of storms, rain, and other atmospheric phenomena to influence battles and turn the tide of conflict.
  • Shimmering Silver: Discover stunning holographic foil cards within the Silver Tempest Booster, featuring intricate designs that shimmer with the brilliance of precious metals.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Unleash the power of new game mechanics introduced in Sword & Shield 12, providing players with innovative ways to strategize, adapt, and emerge victorious in battle.
  • Collectible Rarity: Hunt for elusive Ultra Rare cards and secret treasures hidden within the Silver Tempest expansion, adding excitement and intrigue to every booster pack opened.