Artist Alley

At POPCONME, the Artist Alley bustles as a vibrant center for regional creatives. Here, both newbies and seasoned artists gather, displaying their latest works, selling pieces, taking custom orders, and fostering an artistic community. It embodies the Middle East’s diverse artistry, promoting a culture of respect, support, and unbounded creative aura. Popcon me warmly invites artists of all backgrounds and mediums to join this collective celebration of imagination and expression. The Alley throbs with the varied beats of the region’s artistic spirit, uniting talents from diverse walks of life under one roof.

Local Artistry

Celebrate the talents in your neighborhood. Take a peek at the amazing creations by local artists, be it arts, crafts, or anything else they dream up. The Artist alley at POPCONME serves as a nucleus for regional artists, offering a platform to exhibit their latest creations, fulfill on-the-spot commissions from attendees, and connect with other talented artists and publishers.





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Artist Alley Booths Layout

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Qualifications and Guidelines for the Artist Alley

The essence behind the Artist Alley is fostering the vibrancy of the local and regional art scene. Our core mission revolves around nurturing budding artists, providing them a stage to flourish.

At POPCONME, we hold creators of authentic artwork, innovative designs, and unique product concepts in high regard.

Within the Artist Alley zone, we uphold a policy that prohibits the participation of vendors engaged in reselling products or individuals presenting mass-produced items without original artwork or design.

Terms and Conditions

Compliance with Local Laws: All artworks and mediums showcased must adhere to the legal regulations of the hosting country or region.

Respect for Intellectual Property: Avoid any infringement on copyrighted materials, brands, or intellectual properties. Originality and creativity are encouraged.

Consideration of Sensitivities: Art should refrain from being offensive, disrespectful, or promoting hate speech. Avoid content that could be deemed as plagiarized or unsafe.

Organizer’s Discretion: The event organizers hold the right to regulate or restrict access to display or sell art that violates any of the mentioned guidelines.