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POPCON ME, brought to you by Speedy Comics group, is a premier celebration of diverse pop culture facets including anime, cosplay, gaming, film, music, and literature.

Welcome to Popcon Me, an extraordinary event curated by the esteemed Speedy Comics group. As a premier celebration, Popcon Me offers an immersive experience delving into diverse pop culture realms, embracing the vibrant tapestry of anime, cosplay, gaming, film, music, and literature.
For six years, our powered events have united the community in a vibrant pop culture extravaganza. Featuring renowned celebrities, artists, and engaging brand collaborations, our events are a hallmark in the region.

POPCONME stands as a flagship comic convention organized in the United Arab Emirates by Speedy Comics Group. Its inaugural event in 2022 marked a monumental success, garnering widespread acclaim and enthusiasm. Proudly returning in 2024, Popcon ME collaborates with Skydive Dubai, elevating the experience to new heights at the iconic Skydive Dubai venue.


After a phenomenal Success in 2022 where fans united for an unforgettable experience, Brace yourselves for an electrifying adventure as POPCONME, the biggest pop culture celebration, returns in 2024. we’re soaring back this in partnership with Skydive Dubai, ready to redefine excitement from

February 2nd to 4th 2024

Featuring a stellar lineup of celebrated personalities, visionary artists, and engaging brand collaborations, our conventions have become a hallmark in the region’s cultural landscape. Nestled within the expansive and awe-inspiring setting of Skydive Dubai, renowned for its panoramic views and breathtaking vistas, our event finds the perfect canvas for its expression.

POPCONME, the GCC’s top comic convention of 2022, triumphed with 27,000+ attendees. This vibrant event united global enthusiasts, artists, and industry pros, celebrating comic culture and creativity. The overwhelming turnout affirmed its pivotal role, a hub for comic and pop culture enthusiasts. With it’s immersive experience, POPCONME solidified its stature as the pinnacle gathering for all pop culture enthusiasts in the region.

POPCONME focuses on fostering a passionate community that reveres the artistry and narratives within comics. This commitment underlines its dedication to reshaping the narrative of comics and pop culture collectibles in the Middle East, emphasizing innovation and quality at every step. From humble beginnings to becoming a pioneer in the region’s pop culture domain, POPCONME embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and community-building within the vibrant world of comics and collectibles.