Festival Plaza

The Festival Plaza at POPCONME is a lively outdoor space where you get to immerse yourself in games, entertainment, music, F&B and many other fun activities. It’s the perfect spot to kick back with friends and mingle with others from the area.

Festival Stage

Welcome to the Festival Plaza’s hotspot – The Festival Stage. Get ready for three days of non-stop fun at POPCONME with live music shows, dance performances, thrilling competitions, and the much loved cosplay contests.

Outdoor Activities

Be part of the fun with your friends and family! There’s a bunch of stuff to do together on and off stage including dancing contests, video game contests, trivia and quizzes and much more. Everyone can join and have a great time together!

Kids Zone

Welcome to the place where tiny heroes rule. The Kids Zone is all about fun and is setup especially to keep the young champions engaged. It’s where they can play for ages while the parents can enjoy the event.

Cosplay Competition

The Festival Stage hosts the Cosplay Competition, bridging comic book artistry, anime charm, and gaming fervor into live performances. Bringing in countless fans of all ages, contestants flaunt their creativity and passion. POPCONME event serves as the UAE’s pathway to the esteemed World Cosplay Summit. Winners will be awarded tickets for an exclusive opportunity to participate in the prestigious CWM cosplay competition held in Portugal.

Food Trucks

Let’s recharge your energy levels to keep you going at POPCONME. There’s a variety of different foods and drinks at the Food Truck Park that fit everyone’s tastes and diets. You can try out the delicious and latest menus that are exclusive here at POPCONME.