Main Stage

Welcome to the Main Stage, where all kinds of fans who love comics, movies, TV shows, anime, games, and pop culture come together. Here, you can join in celebrity talks, interviews, and fun group sessions. Watch special fan screenings and meet other fans, budding actors, filmmakers, and animators. It’s a place to share your common love and interests and connect with fellow geeks.

Heroes panel

Imagine all your favorite famous people coming together to talk about how they became stars and the stories behind their most famous roles. It’s like a big show where they share secrets and stories about their journey and much more. This is an experience that is going to reserve the top spot in the list of your best memories.

Exclusive Fan Premiere

Dive into a world of thrilling fan screenings, exclusive sneak peeks, trailers, behind-the-scenes insights, and special messages from beloved stars and franchises. Join forces with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion, swapping stories about the unforgettable moments that sparked your imagination.

Chat with Heroes

Conversations with our esteemed celebrity guests as they unveil the untold tales, personal anecdotes, and exclusive insights from the realms of cinema, television, voiceover, cosplay, anime, and other diverse industries that have shaped the vibrant landscape of popular culture.

Fan Interactions

Do you ever dream of having a direct line to your beloved stars? Now’s your opportunity to dive into our interactive celebrity Q&A sessions! Get ready for an up-close and personal experience where you can gain exclusive insights, valuable advice, and sneak peeks into their upcoming projects. Get ready to connect directly with your favourite stars like never before!

Community Gatherings

Discover opportunities to engage with fans who share your interests and dive into the vibrant community gathering, where you can celebrate your passions alongside others who are just as enthusiastic.

Industry Insights

Get ready to peek into the minds of the the creators and industry leaders shaping the local pop culture scene. They’re going to spill the beans in panel talks about how they do what they do, what hurdles they faced, and the wins they’ve had in their careers. It’s your chance to learn from the pros, gain deep insights, and gather tons of knowledge for your own creative journey.